Civil War

​My novel,Fireflies At dusk, spans a period in American history from 1845-1865. It's a coming of age tale of a young man who rejects his family's pacifism growing up, and later, has to confront his own failings while fighting for the north during the Civil War. It's still looking for an enlightened publisher. LOL


I've had a lifelong interest in things historical, especially mid-to-late 19th century America. I write about the fascinating events of that era- the Civil War, the opening of the  American West, the gold rushes, the Industrial Revolution, Reconstruction.


About Me

​​​My love affair with the written word began in grade school, when my fifth grade teacher made us read a book and write a book report each week of the school year.

I devoured every Zane Grey book I could get my hands on that year, sparking a lifelong love for the American West of the 19th century.

Later, I found out my grandfather had actually prospected in the Yukon for two years in 1898, and ever since, I've had a fascination with Jack London, Robert Service and tales of the Yukon. I've had a short story published in an anthology of short stories on Amazon, titled THE TRADEthat I wrote from a snippet of a story my mother shared with me about his time there. You can click the button below to find it.

Finally, I latch on to every book about the Civil War that I can, and have written the first of what I suspect will be several novels centered on that agonizing, but captivating period.

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   BS, International Affairs
US Air Force Academy


I have a western mystery, The Reckoning, released by The Wild Rose Press in late 2016. It's set in  Colorado in 1868 and follows a Civil War soldier's quest to find his parent's killers, murdered during the War by Quantrill's Raiders. His search takes him to South Park, Colorado where his sister disappears. Now he faces a choice-continue to track down the killers or break off and search for his sister.
Has a five-star rating on Amazon!

I have a second western mystery, The Renewal,  just released by The Wild Rose Press in March 2018. It's the sequel to The Reckoning. Set in 1872, Ike McAlister fights to save his land from the railroad coming soon to South Park, Colorado.

MA, Mass Communication 

                University of Denver